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Rams Athletics

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Rams Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:47AM

Important Reminders

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse,

Welcome to March! We are 6 weeks away from the start of the 2021 Lacrosse Season, we are super excited.

Just a reminder:

  • Today starts our Virtual Workouts with Coach Heins. The workout goes from 4:15-5:00pm. The google meet code for the workout is “RiversideLacrosse”.
    • Workout are every Tuesday/Thursday afternoon.
    • These workouts are not required, however it the expectation of the program that if you are not playing a fall sport, that you are attending these workouts.
  • Tryouts for the spring season begin on April 12th. More information about times/locations will be coming. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

-Coach Worek

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:20AM

Virtual Team Workouts

Greeting Riverside Lacrosse,

I hope this message finds everyone doing well. We are getting close to the start of the season. About 2 months out. We would like to start doing some team strength and conditioning so that we can be in the best shape as possible to start the season and defend our state title on April 12th.

With that said, this year Coach Heins will be  working with our team to develop our strength and conditioning. She is fantastic and we are excited to have her working with our team. We have decided to have VIRTUAL team workouts on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4:15-5:00pm. These workouts will begin on March 2nd. We will use google meet as our platform, just like you do everyday for school. Our google meet link code will be “RiversideLacrosse”. All you will need for the first workout is an open space, and some water.

If you are not participating in a fall sport, and plan on playing lacrosse, you are expected to attend these workouts.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Please ask if you have any questions.


Coach Worek

Team News

2.0 years ago @ 9:04AM

2020 Fall Brawl Sign Up

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse,

It is now time to register for the 2020 Fairfax Fall Brawl. I have attached the instructions to register under the “Team Files” tab. Please follow them carefully.

This year is a little different, we would like ALL Players, regardless of grade, to sign up for RiverRams Boys Varsity Blue . 

Remember there are limited spots for both days so please sign up ASAP. Once the teams are filled, we will close registration.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


-Coach Worek

Team News

2.0 years ago @ 11:56AM

2020 Fall Brawl Sign Up Notice

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse,

The 2020 Fairfax Fall Brawl sign ups have arrived. This year the tournament will be held on Friday 11/27 at Evergreen Sportsplex. Based on the numbers we gathered from our survey inquiry, we decided to have 2 teams enter into the tournament this year. Both will be competing in the Varsity Divisions. One will be in the Elite Division and one will be in the Open Division. All interested players are invited to sign up regardless of grade or experience (grades 9-12 are welcome).

This is in NO WAY a mandatory event, or an indicator in anyway of what team you will be on come April. This is 100% a fun day of 7v7 lacrosse. We understand Thanksgiving plans and Covid concerns need to be priority.

Tomorrow morning 11/4 @ 9:00am instructions will be posted on how to sign up for the Fall Brawl. Please be ready to do so. We have limited spots for both teams. After we have reached our max numbers, the ability to sign up will be closed. Spaces are insured on a "first come, first served" basis. Thank you for understanding. 

Again, all instructions will be posted at 9am tomorrow morning 11/4. The instructions will include which teams we would like you to sign up for as well as how to register.

This tournament is meant to be fun and we have had a great time in the past.


-Coach Worek

Team News

2.0 years ago @ 8:46AM

Fall Brawl Survey Reminder

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse, 

Just a reminder please fill out this quick, short survey about this years fall brawl. We really need to gather your info to make some educated decisions. As of now, we only have 21 responses. 

Thanks so much! Here is the link:

Roll 'Side! 

-Coach Worek 

Team News

2.0 years ago @ 12:58PM

Important 2020 Fall Updates

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse,

We hope that you are ready to start a fantastic 2020 School Year. We understand that it will be different then you are used to start the year. The good news is that you are a Riverside Lacrosse player and you are inherently built to handle adversity and changes. We know that you all are going to thrive in this environment.

With COVID still playing havoc on our “normal” lives, this year’s fall landscape for lacrosse will look a bit different.

Off-Season Fall Schedule – In no way are any lacrosse events this fall mandatory. They are a chance for you to get out and play some, hopefully in a safe environment. We love our players to play multiple sports. If you are involved in a fall or winter sport, they are the next up and should be the priority if there is a conflict. Please note that some dates may change, however, any change will be communicated via email, posting on the website, and twitter.

Important: Let’s get ahead of this, so when we can come back in person, we all are set! In order to participate in any offseason workout, players need to have all of the required paperwork turned in and submitted. Please look on  under required forms for participation.

Weight Room

More information will be coming about a possible “Lifting Camp”. Stay Tuned.

Green Days

Green Day workouts are essentially out of season lacrosse training sessions designed to help improve the players skills. As of right now we do not have any Green Day Workouts scheduled. As we are able to do more with athletes, this will most likely change. Stay Tuned.

Fall Tournaments/Leagues:

1. VEL League: Games on Saturdays during the Fall. If you have not signed up yet and would like to play, games begin 9/12. This league is in no way a mandatory event to be a part of our program. Especially during this uncertain time, we completely understand and respect everyone’s choice to play or not to play VEL this fall.

If you have not signed up yet, and plan on playing please follow the below sign up procedures. (*Note – we have not been able to gather the freshmen as one group to learn who they are and how many 9th graders we have. If you are a 9th grade Parent or Player, please forward this information to ANY and ALL 9th grade lacrosse players. P.S. we NEED and 9th grade goalie!)


2. LaxNOVA PlayDay: October 12th

  • We have been graciously invited to play in the first every LaxNOVA PlayDay on October 12th at Evergreen Sportsplex.
  • This will be a 3 game PlayDay format from 9am-4pm at Evergreen Sportsplex in Leesburg.  Fees will be $70 per player which includes a t-shirt-jersey and will have 3 officials per game. This is Indigenous Peoples Day and a holiday for school, what a better way to celebrate than playing lacrosse!!
  • This is a Varsity only event. Please keep that date open. More information coming soon.


3.Fairfax Fall Brawl: BOYS (Varsity, JV) - Friday, November 27, 2020

  • Information will be coming soon (Please keep that day open).

4.Oakton Turkey Shootout:

  • We have not heard yet from the OTS. Stay tuned.


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




-Coach Worek 


Team News

2.0 years ago @ 2:53PM

2020 Fall VEL League

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse, 

We hope that you have had a fantastic summer of spending time with your families, relaxing, maybe playing a little lacrosse, and most importantly staying safe during this pandemic.

As many of you know we normally play VEL Lacrosse Fall League. This league is very well organized and extremely competitive. They have worked hard with US Lacrosse to ensure that they are following proper guidelines for return to play. Also, this league is in no way affiliated with the VHSL and Riverside HS.

This statement was sent out by the league: “We want everyone to know that VEL is going to our best to follow all recommended COVID guidelines during our games, including all employees wearing masks and taking players temperatures before each game. We are hoping that we can count on you to do your best to social distance at the games and limit the amount of people that you bring to watch your son play, especially elderly grandparents or other relatives who might be more susceptible. We also strongly encourage you to wear a mask to the games, for both your safety and ours. VEL has the approval of US Lacrosse to go forward with our league and we have had weekly chats with them throughout the summer.”

With that said we have two teams registered (Rams JV and Rams Varsity). This league is in no way a mandatory event to be apart of our program. Especially during this uncertain time, we completely understand and respect everyone’s choice to play or not to play VEL this fall. With many of you already playing with your clubs, we just want to make you aware of another opportunity to play some lacrosse this fall.

Please also note, that playing in this VEL league in no way indicates which team you will be on during the spring season, nor does it solidify a spot in the program. This league is a way for you to improve your game as a player and do so by having fun.

Tryouts for the Spring teams will begin in April 2021. We make all decisions for spring teams at that time. 

To sign up please follow the link below.  (Please choose the appropriate Varsity or JV button)  


  • We would like all returning Varsity Players and/or 11th and 12th graders to sign up for the Rams Varsity Team
  • We would like remaining 9th and 10th graders to sign up for the Rams JV Team
  • Be aware that after September 1st there will be a $20 Late Fee to sign up. 

We feel that splitting the teams this way will optimize each players’ experience and allow them to grow their skills with quality repetitions.

Finally, as always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Go Rams! ALL IN! 

-Coach Worek


Team News

2.0 years ago @ 3:34PM

Equipment Collection 5/20

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse,

I hope you all have stayed safe during this time of uncertainty. We are now ready to start the process of collecting all issued gear. We are the pilot school in LCPS for this and are grateful for the opportunity to show how organized and efficient we can be at this process. Your help during this will be critical.

Our pick-up time for Boys Lacrosse is between 9-10am next Wednesday 5/20. We are only allowed 1 hour, so please be on time and ready. It is extremely important that you are there during that time. This is mandatory for ALL PLAYERS.

You will be returning any and all issued gear and equipment. This includes: UA (Varsity) or Nike (JV) Practice Jersey, Black (Varsity) or Blue (JV) Team Bag, Varsity Blue Team Jacket, 2 JV Helmets (Grey and White R), 3 Varsity Helmets (White S, Grey and Blue R), as well as any other equipment that was issued to you.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • You will drive your vehicle to the road behind Riverside High School (Off Charlena Beth).
  • You will proceed behind the building and to the side access road (BEMS side…there will be signs).
  • You will be stopped at the beginning of the access road and asked the following:
    • How have you been? 
    • Spring Athlete?
    • Senior?
  • Once you answer these questions, you will be given directions on what to do next.
  • Please make sure all uniforms are freshly washed and equipment is cleaned and ready to hand back. 
  • Show your equipment and uniforms to your coach and/or school staff on site.  You should remain at your vehicle for this.   
  • After confirmation from coach and/or school staff, you will place everything in the specific team bag or bin on site for your team. 

Please have your uniforms and equipment ready in the car to SHOW US (you will hold it up so we see it). Have it on your LAP.   We really do not want you to be digging through your car/backpack when you pull up. There will be a very long line of cars behind you.

Seniors, you will be dropping off your gear first, then proceeding to pick up your cap and gown. They will not issue you your cap and gown unless you have returned all gear.

School staff will be wearing appropriate facial masks and gloves.  We ask for your cooperation in having all uniforms and equipment clean and ready to turn in quickly.  We obviously need to get through 500 athletes and 466 Seniors quickly and in a safe manner. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation, ALL IN!

-Coach Worek